Acadiana Symphony Orchestra & Conservatory of Music

The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra is one of only two in the United States that is associated with a Conservatory of Music. This unique partnership sets ASO apart from other symphony organizations in the country. The mission of the ASO, and its Conservatory is unified in order to achieve a cohesive approach in the development of high quality performances and educational programs.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018 @ 7:00pm
ASO Chamber Orchestra, soloist Brian Shaw (trumpet)
One of a kind musical journey! The repertoire selections will demonstrate how the technology changed the timbre, range and technical possibilities of trumpet playing from Baroque to modern jazz. It promises to be fascinating to witness how different composers took advantage of those developments. All in the spirit of romantic Valentine’s Day celebration!

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Heartstrings New Concert Added at 7:00PM

Join us for a Special 7:00PM Showing of Heartstrings!

A one of a kind musical journey through the centuries of changing musical styles and sounds of trumpet and strings. Hear how the technology changed the timbre and the way of trumpet playing from Baroque to modern jazz and experience how the composers took advantage of it. Music by C. Monteverdi, J.S. Bach, J. Haydn, G.F. Chadwick, C. Brown.



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