The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra is one of only two symphonies in the country that is partnered with a Conservatory (School) of Music. ASO&C's professional music education faculty created Do-Re-ME! (DRM), a patent-pending, INNOV8 Award-winning curriculum to lay down a solid foundation for young learners to achieve academic success early on. DRM is an arts-integrated curriculum that uses music to reinforce comprehension in Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies. 

Acadiana Symphony Orchestra INNOV8 Award from Vidox on Vimeo.

The Objectives of the Do-Re-ME! program are to enhance the academic preparation of preschool children and help to prepare them for kindergarten and first grade.  Specifically, the curriculum is desgined to:
  • Stimulate and engage children in learning.
  • Provide enhanced language arts readiness in children.
  • Provide children with thinking and learning tools that they can carry forward into lifelong learning.

Research tells us that students thrive in an environment where there are multiple modes of learning available, preferably visual and kinesthetic learning activities. The DRM curriculum was designed to target the visual and kinesthetic learner using music and movement to learn, all while the students are singing, dancing, building, and HAVING FUN!
For more information on the program watch the video below! 


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