Sunday, February 18, 2018 @ 3:00pm
101 W Vermilion St
Lafayette, LA 70501


SO Chamber Orchestra, soloist Brian Shaw (trumpet)


Canzoni e Concerti by A. Jarzebski

Toccata from L'Orfeo, (B. Shaw w/LSU trumpet ensemble and ASO) by C. Monteverdi 

Suite in D (Baroque trumpet) by G.F. Handel 

"Jesus bleibet meine Freude" BWV 147 (Slide trumpet) by J.S. Bach

Trumpet Concerto, part 1 by J. Haydn

Theme & Variations on The Carnival of Venice (Modern trumpet) by H.L. Clark

Stardust (Jazz trumpet) by C. Brown

Serenade for Strings by G.F. Chadwick


One of a kind musical journey! The listeners will discover how the sounds and musical styles of trumpet and strings music have been changing through the centuries. The repertoire selections will demonstrate how the technology changed the timbre, range and technical possibilities of trumpet playing from Baroque to modern jazz. It promises to be fascinating to witness how different composers took advantage of those developments. All in the spirit of romantic Valentine’s Day celebration!

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Acadiana Symphony Orchestra

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