Music and Dance: From Shakespeare to Virtual Reality

Friday, March 16, 2018 @ 7:00pm
Heymann Performing Arts Center
1373 S College Road
Lafayette, LA 70503


Collaboration with Clare Cook Dance Theater, UL School of Architecture & Dance Department, and Lafayette High School Chorus


Parade by Erik Satie
Midsummer Night’s Dream op. 61 by Felix Mendelssohn 
(full symphonic version for narrator, vocal soloists, chorus and orchestra)

The beauty of orchestral music will be enhanced by words of a great poet as well as computerized light images. This concert presents side by side the classical story by William Shakespeare with music by one of the great Romantic composers plus ground-breaking dance suite by French modernist presented with the help of virtual reality. The traditional story telling by music and words is juxtaposed by modern interpretation of drama and movement presented with the help of 21st century newest technology. Another example of innovative programming and collaborative production that involves local dance company, high school chorus, two university departments and local high-tech company.

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