Summer Lessons are OPEN!

at the Acadiana Conservatory of Music

Monday, June 4 - Friday, August 3, 2018 from 10AM-8PM
Acadiana Conservatory of Music
412 Travis Street Suite A
Lafayette, LA 70503

Summer semesters consist of eight (8) private lessons for children, teens, and adults choose from instruments such as the Violin*, Viola*, Cello*, Double Bass, Piano, Guitar, Voice, and much more!

Our instructors are qualified and trained to make sure you get the most out of your lessons and have fun while enhancing your musical prowess!

So don’t wait! Register TODAY for private one-on-one lessons with our Conservatory Instructors!


*Instruction offered using a Traditional or Suzuki teaching method on these instruments.

Suzuki - Parents are always present at the lesson, so that they can be actively involved in practice sessions as well as more of a focus on listening to music and learning from peers. (Ideal for young students learning an instrument for the first time.)
Traditional - The parent is not usually present at the lesson. The parent is requested to monitor the amount of time practiced. Instruction is often only one-to-one with the instructor with more of a focus on reading music.


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